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Our approach is one of flexibility. We can adapt and adjust to meet your requirements whether that be devising a questionnaire, producing computer tables and analysis from data provided or a full research project from objectives, questionnaire, project design, execution and presentation of findings.

It is our contention that some clients are quite able and desirous to analyse and draw conclusions from the findings of a research project themselves but still have a requirement for the actual research to be carried out, and at a realistic price. We can meet that requirement.

You may have a short-term research need. This can be in response to overflow or through lack of capacity. Maybe help with a specific project is wanted, for the duration of that project or for a shorter period. Maybe secondment into your office for a number of days, a number of weeks or on a regular basis is preferred. We can meet that requirement.

The experience and skills of the two partners are complementary and overlapping so projects are never halted through unavailability. Either Val or Andrew can help with all elements of your request.



Avalon derives inspiration from the Arthurian legend and King Arthur’s Round Table, around which he and his Knights congregated.

As its name suggests, it has no head, implying that everyone who sits there has equal status.

Our philosophy is to work closely WITH our clients reaping benefits from mutual respect and knowledge to generate the most satisfactory outcome.