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Environmental issues stem from individuals rather than companies and the partners of Avalon Research are committed to green issues

Avalon IT and office:

  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Cascade computer policy
  • Reuse of desks and chairs
  • Recycle all office paper as scrap for notepads or if confidential, shredded for bedding for Fudge (local rabbit!)
  • Pens, pads made from recycled materials
  • Use of toner cartridges reduced by Ecoprint software then recycled
  • Paperless office wherever possible and only print out if it facilitates reading or note/edits
  • All office waste is sorted into shredding, recycling, re-using, burning as fuel, composting and only then will it be thrown away.
  • There is no server therefore no environmental impact once the computers are switched off (Online backup ensures data available at all times from any location)
  • Increased use of online and telephone interviewing rather than hard copy (Subject to project requirements).
  • External interviewers transfer data online rather than hard copy
  • Staff have bought into the company policies


  • Run the local Freesale event quarterly where anything unwanted is offered free of charge locally
  • Anything not taken is recycled – clothes to charity shops, wood to wood burner, glass to bottle bank, paper and books – either shredded or recycled, other items disposed of in recently decommissioned septic tank
  • All paper (not confidential) collected in local recycle collection
  • All envelopes recycled if window, re-used or shredded if confidential
  • Have set up a facility for tetrapaks, aluminium foil, hard plastic and metal to be deposited locally then taken to local recycling centre when next visited
  • In the process of carrying out a community skills audit to establish and identify those with skills who are willing to help those who need them rather than bringing in outside help
  • In the process of carrying out a community audit of items collected for charity such as stamps, ring pulls etc to further reduce environmental impact
  • Use local buying group for domestic fuel oil
  • Actively encourage increased use of reduction, re-using and recycling
  • One partner is a registered Master Composter and actively encourages and educates the benefits of composting
  • All vegetable waste is either composted or fed to our lovely worms in their Worm CafĂ©
  • Member of local Community Orchard Project