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If questions need to be asked and decisions made such as:


·  Who are your customers?

·  What makes them tick and what is their behaviour?

·  Is the service you’re providing meeting their expectations?

·  What can you do to increase sales or improve the service you are providing?

·  What do people think about your introduction of a new product or service?

·  Are you marketing or advertising most effectively?

·  How can you increase your customer base?


Avalon Research can help you answer these and many more questions by using carefully crafted, targeted research using a range of methodologies. 

How can we help you?

Full service agency


We cover every aspect of a Market Research project:

  • take your research brief/marketing issue
  • devise a project to meet your objectives
  • gather information
  • analyse and interpret findings
  • feedback meaningful and actionable results

We work in partnership with other Market Research agencies on project elements such as:

  • question design
  • SNAP programming
  • fieldwork
  • database manipulation
  • analysis
  • coding
  • weighting
  • presentation/report preparation

Meet the team

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Andrew Long

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